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Scouts removed from the pack reappearing as "not matched"


This is Stefan, cubmaster with Pack 639 in Chief Seattle Council, Alpine district.

We removed a whole bunch of Scouts from ScoutBook on November 10th. The Scouts are not participating in Scouting this year.
Today we noticed that they are all back, with a message in their profile saying “{name} has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.”

Example below.
(Image removed by moderator)

Please advise.


@StefanAhrensdorf - are those scouts still listed in my.scouting.org as being a part of your unit. If so, then not a bug.

I generally move scouts into a patrol or den named inactive. Remove all connection except admin and parents then unapproved the membership. The end date will be when I post recharter.


I removed the image since it shows a scout’s name.

I agree with Stephen’s advice to create an inactive den for them and uncheck the position approved box in their current membership. Then, after recharter is fully processed by your council, Check that box and put an end date.

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When you say removed them do you mean end dated them


Yes, when we removed them we end dated their membership in Scoutbook. I did that a week or so back to tidy up Scoutbook as some scouts left in August. None of the scouts were showing in Scoutbook after I finished. Suddenly over the last few days they all showed back up again.

In years past, ending a membership in Scoutbook took them out of the pack permanently in Scoutbook. Now something has changed. Same process, but now the scouts all seem to appear back again. I know we can wait to recharter, but curious why it happened.

Pack 639 Committee Chair

It’s because there is a background process that runs every night in Scoutbook, where it matches up the official unit roster of Scouts between the Member Manager at my.scouting and Scoutbook. Technically, a registered Scout is a member of the unit until the end of the unit’s recharter year (unless the Scout transfers or is dropped for some other reason).

I think all you can really do is move inactive Scouts to an inactive den in Scoutbook, remove connections to the Scouts except for Admins and parents, and then mark the Scouts as unapproved until your unit’s recharter is processed by your council (early January for most units).

For Scouts who are moving and will be transferring to a different unit, you will want to keep their current membership with your unit as “position approved”. This will keep their membership approved even after the Scout is transferred to the new unit.

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We (Pack 225 Alpine District) just noticed that some (not all) of our Scouts who have dropped out have reappeared in their old dens. They were end dated back in September and haven’t been reappearing (I assume they probably are still in my.scouting because they have memberships through the year end). I noticed a comment under “Edit Pack” which says: This unit was setup for BSA Advancement Sync by BSA Administrator on 11/17/2020. It also says: AkelaSbSyncUpdate in the notes. Could it be that this actually reactivated some of the scouts and it not be syncing between my.scouting and scoutbook? why did it just start happening now and why did only some of our old scouts reappear? the scouts in our ArrowOfLight dens that dropped did not reappear. Also our awards coordinator mentioned that she saw some of the awards tracking had reverted back to a previous state saying awards were needed when they had already been awarded and marked in scoutbook.

This sounds to much like the original issue above and it seems to have happened in the last couple of days as well.

Thanks for any insight.
Emily Repperger (Membership Chair Pack 225, Alpine District)

I just found this. On Nov 18th Scoutbook did bug fixes. One of the fixes is described as:

Scouts Dropped from Unit

  • An issue that caused some Scouts to be dropped from a unit even though they are registered in the unit has been fixed. Scouts that were dropped due to this issue are being placed back in their units.

I am guessing that they incorrectly identified scouts that were end-dated as dropped? and put them back.

Emily Repperger Membership Chair - Pack 225 - Alpine District - Chief Seattle Council.

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