Scouts & Adults Still Appearing in Application Manager after applications have been accepted

I am working with a unit (Cub Scout Pack 57) where the unit has accepted all the outstanding applications in Application Manager (over the past several weeks) where it was reported that the appropriate signatory has accepted the application (youth and adult).

I can see the youths and leaders in the unit roster within MyScouting, so it looks like the applications have been processed correctly, but the applications continue to appear in Application Manager as “Pending Approval” and “Pending Reassignment”.

The Application IDs and BSA Member IDs are as follows:
Application ID: 200557889, BSA Member ID: 13923876
Application ID: 200582422, BSA Member ID: 13721095
Application ID: 200608083, BSA Member ID: 13806049
Application ID: 200574269, BSA Member ID: 14445851

I believe only the application records may be removed and am hoping that the members remain on the unit’s roster.

Thanks in advance for correcting this.

Yours in Scouting,
Lou Leopold
Assistant Council Commissioner - Training
Adventure West Council #62, BSA