Duplicate Online Transfer Applications

As unit leaders try to transfer youth members between units (Pack to Troop), there have been some successful transfers :slight_smile: , but I’m seeing two or three duplicate transfer applications created for those youth in Application Manager. I don’t know if it is from duplicate attempts by the user or a system issue. What is the recommended way to handle the remaining duplicate applications in Application Manager after the receiving unit leader has already taken the ACCEPT action on one of them?

Feature request: Prevent duplicate transfer applications from being created, or improve messaging so that users don’t try multiple times, or add a DUPLICATE action in Application Manager to allow the receiving unit leader to close out the duplicate transfer application.

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Update: As a test, the receiving unit leader tried first to ACCEPT a duplicate transfer application, but nothing happened. As a second attempt, the unit leader selected REASSIGN to District to see if I could close it out as a District Commissioner. That changed the status from Pending Acceptance to Pending Reassignment, but I could not close it out. I could only select REASSIGN to council or to a unit, so I reassigned it back to the unit. We are back to square one with no apparent way to remove the duplicate applications.

I had this issue as well. So till I hear something I’m waiting on it to just time out. I’m not sure what declining it would do or if there’s ramifications. Accepting it results in a CONFLICT response from the API saying the individual is no longer in the source unit. The UI handles that response poorly, but that seems like correct handling from the API. It sounded like the DE could close these but I haven’t seen followup on that, that’s just what the DE indicated when I (as a commissioner) I inquired about a unit that has several pending online applications. Sounded like a similar incident and he indicated he could close them out. So we’ll see if that happens.

For duplicate applications that I was able to REASSIGN from District to Council so that they are Pending Reassignment at the local council level, the registrar was able to use the CLOSE action to remove the duplicates.
For duplicate applications that were listed as Pending Acceptance, the registrar could not access CLOSE, but was able to use DO NOT ACCEPT and put a duplicate note in the post as a work around.
BSA Member Care is aware of the issue and advised they would let our registrar know when it is resolved.


Thanks for the update. I went the Do not Accept route on mine. Given it sounds like there is a “CLOSE” action they have, that might be a cleaner path. DO NOT ACCEPT I think results in the same state but I think if someone is paying attention at the council level, you’re more likely to get the inquisition on why it was closed. I asked around on Facebook and nobody really knew of a ramification of “DO NOT ACCEPT” on them beyond the theoretic one I mentioned.

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The Accepting Youth Applications training video for Application Manager at https://www.scouting.org/resources/online-registration/ that states that if a unit key 3 leader clicks on DO NOT ACCEPT, it sends a notice to the council that they do not think that the applicant should be allowed in any scouting unit.

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