Request to add Adult Application status and date to Roster in Scoutbook

I would like to have the ability to see which adults in our pack have turned in an Adult Application. As I understand it, right now I have to call our local Council and they will send me a list.

Within Print Roster I would like “Adult Application Submitted to Council” (or something like that) added as an option under Settings. It would be nice to see the date the application was submitted (or approved… whatever the proper terminology is). We will have adults that switch between packs, so it would be helpful to see the date because even though a parent submitted an application with their previous pack we need to know whether or not they’ve submitted an application to be in our pack.

Tess - any application for a unit must be approved by the Charter Org so there is no direct application with the exception of District or Council Positions. A copy of the paper app is retained by the unit and the leader added to Scoutbook manually, or by the member sync.

The Council seems to know which adults have submitted an adult application. Why can that option not be added to Scoutbook? Or if it is already there, please let me know which option I need to select under Settings in Print Roster.

The problems we have are as follows:

  1. We were a new pack set up in October. We knew zero, zilch, nothing about scouting. We turned in our applications to whoever got us started. He took them to council. It did not occur to anyone on day 1 to make copies. And we were in a school cafeteria with no access to a copier.

  2. We had some turnover, and thought the new leaders submitted applications but apparently they did not.

  3. One of our members submitted an application, it was signed by the Charter Org but never made it to the Council. We’re trying to track that down now.

So even if we do keep a copy, how do we get a copy? By going to the council and asking for the copy after it was signed by the Charter Org?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Tess Thornton

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Can anyone and everyone see this string of messages? Do I need to go in and delete the attachment?

Tess - the attachment is viewable by anyone with a my.scouting login and the desire to dive into the forums and particularly this one. At any rate the adult application is a multi-part form so one copy is retained by the unit and is so marked. If they show up in scoutbook, then that is really all that is needed. What I have done is when I get an adult application is that I enter all of the info from the app into scoutbook and set their position. If they already exist as in a parent of a scout, then I search for them and add the position. Once they are on the roster, if everything matches then the member sync will place the BSA ID in the record. I can not speak to what gets added nor if it in fact will be. I can say like youth applications, once the are turned in and signed off on they are in your unit. It is up to the appropriate parties to actually enter them in the system. I will let the SUAC address the new feature side of this.


Any of your Key 3 members (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor/Skipper, Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep) can look at your official roster in Member Manager at A leader will not be on the official roster until an application has been submitted and processed. Given the functionality you request is already available via, I doubt the BSA would spend time adding the same functionality to Scoutbook.

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Stephen, the new BSA application forms no longer have a copy for the unit. Units now have to make a copy of the form (use a sticky note to block out sensitive info. like SSN and DOB) before they turn it in to the council.

Jen - thanks… that reminds me that I need to pick up new applications.:smiley:

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It is helpful to have a person responsible for membership. Their job is to keep track of which scouts and adults have turned in applications and monitoring the application status until they get processed to add folks to the roster on My.Scouting. If things do not get posted in a timely manner, they can follow up to see where the hangup is.

And they monitor BSA id#'s. When duplicates happen, they work with the council registrar to resolve them.

This would be a Pack Committee position responsible for a JTE goal; a knot may be earned for this.

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Doug - that is a very good point. It certainly helps in the process for a single person to keep an eye on the app submission and completion.

Thank you Ed! That is exactly what I was looking for! I had no idea it was available in (again, our pack is still in its 1st year…so we’re still learning). That definitely beats having to call the council and wait for them to email me a report.

Thank you everyone for your responses! I really appreciate you all helping us get this sorted out and plan how to handle the applications going forward.

Tess - welcome to scouting…and do not ever hesitate to ask questions. Scout On…see you on the trail

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