Scouts BSA History Report Missing IA Camping/Hiking/Service Info

All - I am the advancement chair for our troop. We just got back from summer camp and I was entering camping nights, when I noticed what I had entered in IA was not synching back to the scout “Scouts BSA History” report in Scoutbook for some events that occurred a month earlier. Despite being entered in the IA troop activity as participating, as well as in the scout profile in history area of IA, the BSA History report isn’t showing it. I have deleted and re-added the scouts (there 6 of them) back to the original activity entry, as well as making a new activity entry, thinking that would resolve it. But all to no avail. This is occurring for camping nights, hiking miles, and service hours. I do have full access to all of the scout records and have been able to successfully enter ranks and awards for them in the past, as well as other entries I have made for the rest of the troop being successful, so I don’t think it is a permissions issue. Has anyone every run into this before? How can I make sure that these scout activities are being shown properly in both IA and Scoutbook reports? I can reply from my personal email account with sample screen shots if that would easier. Thanks.

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Are you able to see the information you entered anywhere else? For example, in IA but not Scoutbook? I ask to isolate the issue between sync and reports.

The correct information shows up the the scouts profile in IA but not everything shows up in the BSA History report from scoutbook so there definitely is a syncing issue.

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