BSA History report doesn't match what I see in internet advancement

I have updated a scout’s camping nights, hiking miles and service hours in internet advancement, but when I try to print a BSA history report there is a discrepancy. Everything is not showing up. He’s short a few camping nights, hiking miles and service hours. Is this a sync problem?

@LillieWalker If you post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

His BSA ID# is 126699697

The “Date Joined Scouts BSA” is blank. You can add it by going to the Scout’s “Edit Extended Information” page in Scoutbook.

Ok thanks I’ll try that.

That worked for the hiking miles and service hours but it is still showing he is one short for camping nights. 20 instead of 21.

Short for what purpose?

The “Date Joined Scouts BSA” I see is 9/16/2016.

His earliest night of camping is from a campout on 1/24/2016. This date is before the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” (9/16/2016), so it is not included in the report.

Short for what the scout is reporting that he camped. The earliest camping night that he has is 10/21/2016, then next date is 11/24/2016. Both dates are after he joined scouting on 9/16/2016 so they should be included. Not sure where you see 1/24/2016?

I think I see the mistake, I accidentally entered 1/24/2016! I will correct it now and see if it will be fixed.

That fixed it! Thanks so much for all your help!

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