Scouts cannot do the SSO


We have scouts that parents have sent email to let them control and monitor their scoutbook but the scouts cannot do the SSO.

The below message is popped up after login.

  • You are not setup yet for the BSA Single-Sign-On (SSO) so your use of Scoutbook is limited. All users who have not setup SSO by Feb 1st, 2019 will no longer be able to use Scoutbook. Setup is easy. Just go to your Scoutbook My Account page and click on the link Setup SSO.

Please contact your local council to get access to Scoutbook.

Kindly advise.
Scout BSA: ID# 137158135



The Scouts can go to and setup an account there. The system should find their existing BSA Member ID, if it does not, they should not proceed as it will create a duplicate account. Not finding the existing BSA Member ID is typically due to a name or date of birth mismatch.

No accounts were found matching the information provided. Please contact your local council to report it.

Got the above message, so what can we do now?

we know his BSA ID number but cannot find the page to do the SSO.

They need to use the scout’s full legal name and DOB exactly as it appears on your roster

in the recovery page, there are user name, email address and DOB data only required. So, where we can go to the page to fill up more information and get it done?

Today, I found out my adult account was unable to log in anymore, so now both parent and scout’s accounts are not reachable. kindly advise.

I don’t understand the question. The rest of the info should be automagically filled in once the account is recovered.

For yourself, are you able to log into If so, then, see if you can get into scoutbook.

@KittyTam For yourself, you have Google sign in turned on, so when you sign in, you must use the “Sign in with Google” button with your Google name and Google password.

For the Scout (BSA member number 137158135), he does not have a user name. He needs to go to my.scouting and create an account. When he creates his account, he needs to try to connect to his already existing BSA member number 137158135.

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