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Scout not able to get into account

All I have a Scout that his parents granted access to Scoutbook, but now can’t get in. When trying to recover their password with their email and dob, they get an error that the account is not known.

How should we proceed?

Al Looney

Troop 94 Advancement

Let us know the bsa member number (no names), and we can take a look.

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His BSA number is 130796169.

Thank you


This account is setup with SSO so the Scout must use his my.scouting.org ID and password. The ID appears to be a school e-mail address. This Scoutbook account was last logged in on 7/12/21.

That was good to know. The issue now is that the Scouts school doesn’t allow external email, so there is no way to reset his password. When they gave him access they used his iCloud account. Is it possible to set his my.scouting.org ID to the same one that is set in Scoutbook?

Al Looney

I have set his e-mail address in my.scouting.org to the same as he has in Scoutbook. Not the username is still his school e-mail address. He can change that after he logs in to my.scouting.org.</>

Thanks Ed for all you do.

You cannot change MYST (my.scouting) username - is easier to just make a new user and match it up to the MID

Yep, it looks like the ability to change the username has been disabled. The field is now read only.

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