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Scouts no longer show up

Hi. All of a sudden, when I login to Scoutbook, everything is gone. I can no longer see either of my kids’ advancement or anything. I am a parent, not a leader. Just need my 2 kids’ info back. I can login fine but there’s nothing there anymore. I really need help & am having trouble finding who can help me! Thank you.

@LisaRichmond - when you log in what is showing ? If there is a line that says administration and you click on that what shows there ?

It shows the menu where it says My Dashboard, my.Scouting homepage, etc. If I click My Dashboard, it goes to Administration which then only shows My Account. My profile picture is gone too. Everything.

Sound alike you ended up with a duplicate account somehow. I’ll send you a private message. Look for the notification in the upper right corner.

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