Lost Access to account

I was working on updating all the dens in my pack to next years rank and I noticed it was dropping off the leaders from the pack and then putting yellow triangles on each scout and the leaders.

I also noticed all my access has changed and I do not have access to my three kids profiles now either.

Was there something I didn’t do before I did the advancement? Please help! I hope I didn’t lose everything for the Pack.


Bill Gockman
Pack 3549

@WilliamGockman looks like you and your scouts account got blurred - let me take a look

@WilliamGockman check back after 4pm CST

I thought it was earlier @WilliamGockman - check Scoutbook in the morning

I just saw these emails. I will log into ScoutBook now.

Looks to be fixed! Not sure what you did but thanks!!

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