Scouts not listed in Quick Entry

I have 24 scouts registered in the bear den, but when I go to do quick entry of adventure requirements, only a portion of them (~10) are listed.

are the memberships approved in Scoutbook?

If you mean do I see them in Scoutbook, yes?
I see the same issue in other dens (16 of 18 wolves, 10 of 18 tigers…) I thought maybe it had to do with whether they had Bobcat yet but that doesn’t seem to be relevant

Post a BSA # or Scoutbook number of one of the effected Scouts


Do you see green shields with white check marks next to their names?

Yes I see green shield with check marks. So funny enough when I went back to look at the bears, they are all showing up now for some reason. I looked at tigers and wolves, here are a few BSA ID#s of scouts that aren’t populating in the quick entry lists

Try checking the adventure version years for your missing Cub Scouts to double-check that they are all on the most current version year of the requirements.

I think I understand what youre referring to, as far as I can tell that isn’t making a difference. I switched back and forth in the quick entry screen between version years and it doesn’t bring in the missing scout. I checked some scouts on and off the list in their own advancement and the default is 2022.

@ArturoRomanillos if you do not mind - I can make myself admin to take a first hand look at it

You could also reset your admin position - Go to unit Roster > Click your name > click Admin > click Update

Feel free but I may have eliminated the problem inadvertently. It seems if I go into an individual scout and look at their personal advancement and then go back out and do quick entry at the den level, it makes they appear where they previously weren’t. The webelos dens may yet have some examples of missing scouts.

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