Missing a Scout on Quick Entry

We have a scout that disappears when we try to do a quick entry or select all for a calendar.
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:
He appears to be registered correctly. We can see him listed in the correct den and can manually do his achievements.

This scout has an issue we have been seeing - I will end membership and setup a sync - he will come back in OUT of den > go to the correct den and the click REASSIGN to bring the scout in this evening @CaitlinCornell

@CaitlinCornell or you could try REASSIGN the scout to the Wolf Den and then Reassign back to the Tiger - I will wait to hear what you want to try - if you do the second we can watch it to see if it works.

If you go to Membership of Scout and see “Youth Member” As opposed to “Tiger” etc - the scout has this issue

I will try to reassign to Wolf Den and then back to Tiger and see what happens and let you know.

@CaitlinCornell that looks to have solved it

Yes, he seems to be showing up now on all the things.
Thank you.

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