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The Tiger Den Leader was doing quick entry of an award and a scout in the Wolf Den shows up on her den page. I’ve looked at Scoutbook and Internet Advancement pack roster and he is labeled as a Wolf. He just joined scouts so he did not get Tiger rank but no other new Wolf scouts show up in Tiger Den entry. Thoughts?

BSA number 137476776

Would you give us the member ID of the Tiger Den Leader?

Are you sure they are going through the den page for quick entry? There is also a quick entry on the pack page. It will include anyone who is at least the appropriate rank and who they have the appropriate connection to.


I noticed this happens to at times, it will pull other kids in from other dens, the ones who haven’t earned that particular rank.

Only solution I have is to be careful on who the advancements are awarded to…don’t be too quick on the quick entry.

Tiger Den Leader 12589762

I am fairly sure she is doing a quick entry for her Den only, otherwise there would be other new scouts without Tiger that would show up on her list.

This is happening to other Den Leaders as well when other scouts suddenly show up on their roster.

I think we need to know the exact clicks. I have tried this. I even have two Tiger dens, and only the scouts from that den show up when I access it from the den page.

Other Scouts don’t show up for her, because the Wolf Scout with first initial “A” is the only Scout outside of her den that she is connected to, and she is connected to that Scout will Full Control.

I think she is going through Pack → Quick Entry, not Den → Quick Entry.

Under her positions, I see:

Tiger Den Leader - not assigned to any den
Den Admin for Tiger Den 6
Den Admin for Tiger Den 16

As a Den Admin for both of those Tiger Dens, she should be able to access the Den page → Quick Entry.

Maybe she is using Pack → Quick Entry because she wants to enter advancements for both dens at the same time?

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Thank you Jennifer for explaining it. I should have realized the points you made. I will make the necessary changes and go through the pack roster to make sure the scouts are properly assigned. Thank you for the immense help!

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