Not able to see scouts advancement and two profiles

My Scouts advancement is wiped out and now I see two profiles for him in Scoutbook. The two IDs are 13646385 and 133803983. All his progress should be under ID 13646385 but we can no longer see it. I can print out his Scout BSA History Report from that account but I get an error when trying to print his Cub Scout History Report. I have reached out to my Council but they will not return my messages. We recently moved and are going to switch councils and would like to have this sorted out before we switch.

The Scout is currently registered with 133803983 in Troop 800, San Diego Imperial Council. His registration on 13646385 was Pack 2228 in California Inland Empire Council and ended 12/31/21.

The reason the system has not been able to match the Scout is his dates of birth are different. 133803983 has his birth month as August while 13646385 has May.

Before we merge these records, we need confirmation that it is the same person.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. The correct birthdate is [date of birth removed by Moderator]. This issue was brought up to the local Council when he joined the troop and they assured that it would be fixed but they have not been able to fix it.


I have merged his Scoutbook accounts and set his ID to MID 133803983 where he is currently registered. I also updated both Scoutbook and his ID with the correct date of birth.

The registrar of California Inland Empire council can fix his date of birth on BSA Member ID 13646385

Thank you very much for resolving this issue. We appreciate the quick response,

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