ScoutsBSA Leaders approving Sea Scout rank requirements

When a youth marks a rank requirement as completed Scoutbook marks it as green and pending Leader Approval. For dual registered youth we have seen in several occassions when a ScoutsBSA adult leader sees the item pending leader approval in their troop reports and mark the Sea Scout requirement as Adult Leader Approved. Unfortunatley, this eliminates the Skipper or Mates from the approval workflow and results in troop leaders approving Sea Scout requirements without being familiar with the program. Ideally there should be a policy preventing adults not registered with a program from approving those requirements.


Just to confirm, you are seeing this behavior on Sea Scout ranks or Sea Scout only awards.

Awards that can be earned in either a troop or ship can be approved by either.

Sea Scout ranks, not awards. For example, a Sea Scout completes Ordinary 5d (plan and practice the following drills: man overboard, fire, and abandon ship) and marks it as completed in Scoutbook. An adult leader in their Troop is then able to mark the individual requirement as Adult Leader Approved which isn’t appropriate.


Thank you. We will investigate.

@edavignon - on the flip side i have a member of the crew who is dual from another troop and i do see his rank/mb/award items. I know enough to leave them to his primary unit to approve.

Arguably, MB and other Scouts BSA advancement could go either way since, once a scout completes First Class, they can continue advancement exclusively in a crew. I tend to agree that “knowing what not to touch” is a key skill in a shared database environment. :^)

Thanks for looking into this, @edavignon
I’ve seen this happen with three scouts in our Ship who are members of three different troops. Two of those scouts are youth members in their troop but the third is an ASM so that troop’s SM or Advancement Chair appears to be just clicking the ‘select all’ box without verifying they’re not approving items not part of their program.

That sounds like a good guess. They aren’t doing it directly, but just doing a blanket approve all.

@Matt.Johnson - which points back to my rule… not my unit not my issue

Approve All is dangerous if you are not careful. I say in all of my Scoutbook classes not to use it unless you know exactly what you are approving.

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@edavignon - Any luck in validating the defect or opening a JIRA to get it on the list to fix? Thanks much!

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