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Advancement Completion/Approval Error

Scout in my unit is suddenly showing up in Scoutbook with Second and First Class ranks marked Completed and Approved by his parent. He has not yet earned Tenderfoot rank.

Hi, @EmilyCardillo.

Parents have Full Control access, which means that they can mark things Complete. BSA-IT via the SUAC maintains that this is analogous to checking the left column of the handbook indicating that the scout is ready to be contacted by a leader to be tested and Leader Approved.

If the parent is also a leader in the unit, then their Full Control permissions default to also including the ability to Leader Approve items. The way that we have handled this in our unit is via policy clearly instructing adults leaders who is permitted to mark items Leader Approved, and under what circumstances (e.g. what type of verification was done, we handle MB differently from rank requirements since a counselor must approve MBs, etc).

What is your role in the unit? I would generally recommend reaching out to the Scoutmaster, if the parent is an ASM, or the Committee Chair, if the parent is a committee member, to discuss with the parent what the unit’s policies are regarding marking advancement Leader Approved.

I would have thought that error checking would prevent Leader Approving the whole rank prior to Leader Approval of the prior rank.

ETA: I confirmed in the Scoutbook test environment that trying to Leader Approve a later rank before prior rank was leader approved fails. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing, with youth names obscured/deleted? That might help with diagnosis.

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I just got off the phone with a parent with similar issues. I was looking at the scout’s account and it showed Second Class approved in November. Spoke with the parent about things they might be doing and she said she wasn’t doing things she shouldn’t and couldn’t do things she should be able to. Then I logged back into the scout’s account and she suddenly had First Class too, approved on the same day in November. They also cannot enter any dates for completing certain parts of Second or First Class rank.

@MatthewDickinson @EmilyCardillo what is this Scouts BSA #?

might be worth running the Audit log for that time frame too

I am the Scoutmaster. Parent is not a registered leader, shows in system as only a parent. This appears to be a ‘glitch’ that just appeared. Shows past dates on approval as well, that were not there in saved reports I have after that time.

I went ahead and deleted. Happened to catch when running an OA report. Guess I’ll watch to make sure doesn’t ‘sync’ back in.

@DonovanMcNeil’s advice sounds good in this case. Its worth looking at what the audit logs say regarding advancement during that time period. They might (or might not) reflect something else going on.

Okay to post the BSA# here or do I need to message it to you?

Nothing in the Audit log. I find lots of things don’t get posted in there however.

@MatthewDickinson There is no PII in BSA # it is fine to post

The number for the scout is 135571019.

Also, my audit log looks normal. On the date the ranks were approved, they also put in Orienteering MB item completions as well as the parts for those ranks that were completed while working on the Orienteering MB.

@MatthewDickinson is there even one Leader approved req for First or Second?

No. Second Class 3A/B and First Class 4A/B are green checkmarked, showing they are completed but not leader approved.

We have been out of school all week so far so they have been working on things, they are trying to mark other requirements for Second and First Class as complete and the system will not allow them to either.

@MatthewDickinson do you have a moment for a screenshare?

Sure, that’s fine, let me know what to do.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

What I would advise to all is check parents that used to be Den Leaders - they might still have Adult Leader checked in connection


What is the verdict on this? I’ve got another scout showing a rank marked completed and approved by a parent only access.

I can assist. I sent you a private message, click on your icon in the upper right and chick on the envelope.