Scribe cannot take attendance with the scoutbook app

I am the admin for Scoutbook for our troop and my son happens to be the scribe and the calendar editor (leadership positions assigned in Scoutbook). Despite the calendar showing our troop meetings, he cannot take attendance with the app (on his phone). He can see the event, but there are no attendees showing or any buttons. The scouts are invited to the event and I can log into the website on my phone and take attendance via that method. Is there something I am missing or not properly designating when I or he creates the meeting that is preventing the app from giving him this access? I have run out of ideasā€¦



Has he tried via Scoutbook instead of the Scouting app?

Hi Ed -

Short answer, yes. He can take attendance through the website but not the app.

I just created a bogus troop meeting and ensured it was correct. I refreshed my Scoutbook app, as did my son, so that we could both see this new meeting. We expect that once you select the event in the app, you should see a ā€œtake attendanceā€ button show up. The event was ongoing, time wise, so we were in the middle of it when we attempted to take attendanceā€¦ Since we could not get the app to show the ā€œtake attendanceā€ button he cannot take attendance. He then logged into the website and verified that he could indeed take attendance and save his changes,

Do you have any other suggestions we could try?


Tim Janish


Thank you. That helps. The app and Scoutbook have different development teams. I will report this issue.

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