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Sea Scouts and Merit Badges, Scouts BSA ranks, etc

I don’t see how to show Sea Scout completion of merit badges for those scouts eligible. Don;t see how to enter rank advancement either.

Remember, some sea scouts will work on Scouts BSA rank advancement without belonging to a troop.

Go to the profile page of the Scout. Turn the Scouts BSA advancement slider on (so the background is red). You will then see Scouts BSA advancement on the Scout’s advancement page.

I’m using Internet Advancement 2.0. The scout’s profile has no slider.

The Record Advancement has a Scouts BSA tab so I can add merit badges completed, but can’t figure out how to see Merit Badges from the scout’s profile.

You originally posted in the Sea Scouts forum so I thought you were talking about Scoutbook. Does Internet Advancement 1.0 support recording Scouts BSA advancement for Sea Scouts?

Yes. The old version of Internet Advancement showed Scouts BSA ranks and merit badges.

Have these Scouts already earned First Class rank?

I dont think this variable was tested - let me talk to Development

Yes they are Eagle and Star.

When my team develops software, they have to write a manual and test that the manual and software are consistent.

For scouts who have earned 1st class, the record advancement modal (not the youth’s profile page) will have a tab called “scouts BSA” and a tab called “Sea Scouts”

As I said before, I have that tab when adding new merit badge completions. BUT I can’t see what merit badges have been completed. On the scout’s profile tab is a section for awards, and a section for sea scout ranks. But nothing about Scouts BSA ranks and merit badges.

The developers do not typically work weekends. Donovan will speak with them about this issue on Monday.