Secure Eagle Letters of Recommendation through Scoutbook?

Does scoutbook have a feature for requesting and submitting secure letters of recommendation to support the Eagle Scout Rank Application?

We have traditionally collected sealed letters of recommendation by US mail. We then give those to the EBOR for consideration.

Just wondering if (like in the modernized college application process) there’s a secure way to collect these letters of recommendation, while ensuring the scout doesn’t handle or see the documents.


Letters are not required. Only a list of names on the application of those willing to provide a reference.


Scoutbook does not have any features to assist in collecting letters of recommendation for Eagle.


that’s a helpful response. thanks!


Grand Canyon Council has a way to securely collect letters that may be a good model for your Council.

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YES! Thanks a million @EdDavignon

I strongly recommend that the internet NOT be used in any way for collecting Letters of Reference. That puts the information permanently on hundreds of servers (the Cloud). We have the physical letters collected by the unit advancement person and brought unopened to the EBoR. At the end of EBoR the letters are shredded. They are read before the Scout arrives, and are never to be seen by the Scout.
Just as an aside, they are Letters of Reference, not Letters of Recommendation, although most people don’t see a difference.

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