Eagle Scout submission in Scoutbook

Scoutbook feature request: can we incorporate the Eagle Scout paperwork and submission process into the Scoutbook application?

Need: current process does not have any transparency for units to track where scouts are in the process. We have had scenarios where a candidate thought they submitted but it wasn’t. Since the Eagle process is electronic, can we just integrate into Scoutbook and enable leaders to track progress? Thank you

It is? Is this a local or national process?

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The Eagle Application is in Scoutbook. Once it goes to a District/Council that is in their hands.

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There is no national electronic eagle process. Some councils have implemented an electronic process but many still require paper applications to be submitted. Until there is a national process that is more than just providing the Eagle Application PDF there is nothing Scoutbook can do.


I know our local council, Michigan Crossroads Council, has a great! online process for the Eagle applications. For our last Eagle candidate (my son Mike!!), we got all the council approvals through their portal in less than a business day. I’d recommend for any Council looking for a process to take a look at what they’ve got working very well there.


@SteveCagigas what is the platform?

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They’re using Cognito Forms. If you PM me, I’ll send you a link to take a look at it.

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