PDF Advancement History

I check the scouts name under roster. Go to run reports, click Advancement history, it then brings up his advancement history.

I click PDF to get the PDF for him to put in his Eagle binder. But then the PDF changes to my entire troop, not just the scout I need.

This scout needs this for his Eagle binder and I am not able to fix the issue.

Anyone can help?

In IA - Go to Scout’s Profile page > Click Run Report on Right > Scout BSA History Report

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@CourtneyFisher - I have to ask… what is the Eagle Binder ?

In my “neck of the woods” most Troops create a 3 ring binder to organize & place all the applicable paperwork [Eagle Application (and approval from Council), Eagle Project (proposal, plan, fund raising, report, photos), Report from SB or IA, Eagle Candidates letter to the Board] for the Eagle Board of Review team. May put the sealed letters of recommendation in a pocket. It helps to keep all the paperwork in one place. It makes it easier on the Board members in the time before the candidate starts the actual interview part of the Eagle Board of Review.
Sometimes we just receive a manila folder with all the paperwork stuck in it.
Troop advancement Coordinator,
former District Advancement chair,
member of the District Representative Eagle BOR team for the local District.in a large council.

I agree that most Scouts do put their info in a binder. I have never heard of a letter to the board, though.

I think that is just the letter of life ambitions or whatever it is called

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We have had a mix of binders, electronic, and just the workbook. To make it a requirement to assemble a binder would be outside of t he scope of the requirements.

Ah! That helps. Ok. Now I understand.

It is NOT a requirement, just a common curtesy. I stated most Troops, not the scout.

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From the Feb 2022 version if the Eagle application:
"CERTIFICATION BY APPLICANT. On my honor as a Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout all statements on this application are true and correct. All requirements, with the exception of my board of review, were completed prior to my 18th birthday.
“In preparation for your board of review, prepare and attach to your Eagle Scout Rank Application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations, during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service.”
I have heard it called a statement of ambitions, brag letter, letter to the board, etc.

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Wow. I didn’t know this would take the turn it did. I am just the advancement chair for my troop. The scouts have been asking me for this for about a year (as long as I have held the position).

I asked a question that only one person tried to help me solve! Thank you @DonovanMcNeil

The Eagle Binder, in our troop, is where the Scout keeps all of his merit badges and rank advancment cards. It’s where their Eagle Project stuff goes. It’s a way for them to be organized and show what they’ve done. Yes most things are digital now days, however, internet advancement and scoutbook have glitches and are not the best sites.

The scouts applying for their Eagle ask me to print the advancment history to make sure all their dates line up. Which I am currently still struggling to complete for a scout…

I do not agree with districts/troops adding requirements. I am just trying to get my scouts what they ask for, and in our council, what he needs.

@CourtneyFisher well said - thanks for being a Scouter - sorry some on forums go Facebook/Twitter and run Tangents - I will close this for you.