See/View Leader Awards

How does a leader see what awards they have?
I see it shows for Scouts, just not leaders?

@MarcMcGrain - it is scoutbook not leaderbook

I’m sorry, I thought it was a Unit Management Tool.

@MarcMcGrain - yes for the youth side of scouting. Adult awards are not in the system. The council perhaps can provide that

Unfortunately my.scouting does not show the information to the adults. The professional staff can look up a specific person, but they can’t see if stuff they have either been awarded/earned was ever entered.

@MarcMcGrain - your statement points to the issue… if it is never recorded it would never be seen anywhere. Personally I am not a fan of adult awards…

@MarcMcGrain the real issue is the vast majority of adult awards are never entered into the adults records - I know a Silver Buffalo and only that is entered, the silver beaver, silver antelope (among many others) are not entered into their record.


@MarcMcGrain If you have the right permissions, there is a way to use my.scouting to look up adult awards:

  1. In my.scouting, go to the unit’s Roster.
  2. Check the box next to the person’s name.
  3. Click on: Print → Unit Advancement Details Report
  4. Scroll down to the award section.

Please note that awards are tied to the BSA member number, so if an award was entered under a different BSA member number, it wouldn’t show up under this report.

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