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What happened with the awards for adults. They disappeared after Ranks and Merit Badges where added for scouts.


Scoutbook has never supported adult awards. What program are you referring to?

@CharlesKappelman your post is confusing? my.scouting roster does not show scout advancements

In the past, I was able to go to Roster, select an adults name and then select Print, Unit Advancement Details and see that I had been awarded a Training Key and and an Scoutmaster Key, After the form was updated, with rank and and merit badge info, my information is no longer is displayed

Are you still a key 3? I believe only key 3’s can run the report you are talking about.

What is your BSA ID? The SUAC members can search and see if you have 2. Your awards may be associated with the other.

I am a Key 3 (Scoutmaster) and my BSAID is 126827058

@DonovanMcNeil or @edavignon Xan you check for duplicate BSA id’s? This report can show adult awards (if entered by registrar) and will show youth advancement (if a youth in the same council under the same id).

I only see 1 account for @CharlesKappelman.

There are 2 adult awards recorded for him in Akela.

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This is the critical part. If the registrar never got the data in, then no it doesn’t appear on your Unit Advancement Details Report. I’ve got the paperwork showing I was awarded Den Leader Training and District Award of Merit, but when I pull my report: nope.

It is no big deal, it isn’t about the knots, but when I went to put one of my troop’s long-term leaders in for Silver Beaver it was impossible to fill out the darn form for him.

What do you mean by “after Ranks and Merit Badges we’re added for Scouts”? When? What? Where?

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I first noticed that there was a section labeled awards and I had the 2 awards listed. The next section was labeled training. When I checked for my scouts, the table had the same layout. In other words, rank and merit badge information was not displayed, but awards such as Totin chip, cyberchip and Firm"n chit where displayed.
Looking today, the 2 awards for me are still not displayed, and for a scout awards are displayed plus rank information and merit badge information and finally, jf the scout has completed any training (ILST, etc), it is displayed

I can confirm that I had 2 awards listed and now I have none. Since adult awards aren’t a priority, I don’t know if it will be looked into, but it was nice thy were there and sad they are gone.

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oh man… I lost my bronze cockroach, silver sewer rat and gold dumpster fire awards… :slight_smile:


40 years ago my dad and 2 scouter buddies went in on a “private issue” knot and had a batch of 50 or so produced. It looked real, I don’t know the color combo, but it looked legit. It was the “silver trout” that they made up and bestowed upon the worthy for “swimming upstream against the currents of the council to get done for the Scouts what needed to get done”. It made some people really mad.


@Matt.Johnson - i love it… in the right spirit of scouting

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