Seeing Message text from other SB users

Once and awhile, when I use Scoutbook I have seen messages from other leaders when trying to send SB invitations to parents. Most of the time its been text from another SB admin.

Today while attempting to Add connection, I am seeing text from a message between a Scout and a MB counselor. The Scout currently doesn’t have their own account, I am assuming he was using his mothers account but am not certain. The parent is not a registered leader with any units(to my knowledge.

Whichever account was used, how are messages being transferred between users? This certainly is a a Bug but didn’t know if it was known issue or not.

The last message sent is being saved as a default message at the unit level.

Is it meant to be saved at the unit level, or at the user level? I can see arguments in favor of each method.

Unit. Although, I don’t think we contemplated the possibility of inviting MBCs at the time. We were mostly thinking of inviting parents.

So can non-leaders see the last message a leader sent with any invitation type? If that works, then that could be a concern. In cases were some sensitive information could be shared, there should be a way to prevent uninvolved parties from seeing that.

I guess if 'last" messages are saved, it would seem that there should at least be a “wall” between users types with saved last messages.

That said since Scoutbook doesn’t save any other messages. As such would almost feel then nothing should ever be saved. If users want draft messages saved, they can certainly do that in a document or email draft and use copy&paste.

I’m not sure why you’d need to share sensitive info in an invite. The invite email automatically listed the scout name. Scoutbook did not initially do this. This was an enhancement in response to a frequent request to allow units to save their own customized default message. I do agree that some restrictions on who gets/sees the default/last saved message would be appropriate.

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Don’t have a specific case at the moment. The only thing I can come off the top of my head is if there could be some issue with a Scout and his/her abilities that may impact working on a specific merit badge requirements. Other Scouts or non-leaders should not be able to see that information. While I agree the invite probably wouldn’t be the place for that information but it is a plain text field that has zero restriction/limitations on what is entered.

That kind of info should not ever be included in an invitation. Consider how you’d feel if an invite went out that dogged your child.

I agree but if Scout or Parent puts something in an invite, they might not know the information is being shared. As I mentioned had seen this before but didn’t know why it was doing it. Never thought of text from a non-admin in the message field.

Scouts and parents cannot create invitations. The ability to create events in Scoutbook’s calendar is restricted to admins, the unit committee secretary, and the unit outdoor activities chair.

My original post indicates the text I am seeing is between a Scout/non-leader parent and assuming a merit badge counselor.

Prior response above from another SUAC member indicated this this invitation type hadn’t been thought of with saving the last message for a unit.

The label over the Optional message might be nice to include a disclaimer this will be saved for others to see with next invitation.

Below is most of the text I am able to see but haven’t included the name of the Scout/Parent

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