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Send Message for Merit Badge Counselors not two-deep

I just tried sending a message to a Scout using the “Send Message for Counselor” function. The only person who comes up in the recipients list is the Scout. This means that the very design of this function prevents two-deep leadership and promotes one-on-one discussions between an adult leader and a Scout. FIX THIS!!!

The parents receive the email also automatically - and if no parents or if they have opted out all Key 3 for Scouts unit receive it


That’s a relief! It would be great if this were indicated onscreen because if I hadn’t posted on this forum I’d have no way of knowing that.

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@LauraFoley - we can certainly run a test on the morrow for my son but most likely the bcc setting was in force which strips out other email accounts.

On the messaging screen, it doesn’t have this text at the top? “ Use this page to send an email message to leaders, parents and youth members. When you email youth members we automatically include the parent/guardians.”

That wording appears at the very bottom, beneath the Send button.

I’d rather see a listing of everyone the email goes to beneath the Scout. That way I get a quick visual confirmation instead of needing to read the fine print.

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Agreed. That would be better. Then you really know who it is going to.

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