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Scoutbook Messages - BCC Box

I would like to make a Scoutbook feature request. In the messaging system, if a Scout sends a message to a leader it automatically copies the parents. This is a wonderful two deep safety built into the system that I love. This 2 deep system fails if the Scout fails to remove the check mark that is automatically in the BCC box. If the Scout failed to remove the check from the box, and that same leader hits reply all to send a message back to the scout, it only sends a message to the Scout. The parents emails drop, and we loose 2 deep. (We did a system test to verify this.)

Please remove the automatic check in the BCC box. Then when our leaders reply all it maintains the two deep communication requirement. Currently our leaders are having to be EXTREMELY careful when replying to Scouts. We have been educating the Scouts on the BCC box, but many times they forget. Thank you!

I prefer the BCC to be checked. I do not want all the units email addresses going out. I understand that ScoutBook only includes the parent if the message is sent from Scoutbook. Adults need to always be aware of the no one on one contact rules and follow them.

I agree unit emails need to be protected, but 2 deep is more important than unit emails. If unit emails are important than the adults can just check that box. Scouts, who are kids, are not as quick on their feet as adults and forget. Us adults can handle checking that box. It’s quick and easy for us adults to do if confidentiality is important. I vote to protect our kids, the scouts who are using this system. I am not willing to sacrifice 2 deep because it is easier for the adults. We need to make it easier for the kids who our are Scouts using this system.

The BSA has previously stated that once an e-mail leaves Scoutbook, it is up to the receiving adults to follow YPT guidelines and not reply to a Scout without another leader or the Scout’s parents on copy. All adults are aware of the YPT requirement and can easily add another adult or the child’s parent to the distribution list when replying.

I would be more concerned with my child’s e-mail address getting released by mistake if BCC was turned off by default.

Except you can not see the adult
Emails in Scoutbook without sending from the Scoutbook system. If you do not have their email address from another source how do you include them? These are kids. If they use the BCC, and you have to reply, you have to start a new thread in Scoutbook to reply so everyone is copied for 2 deep. The previous communications get lost. It is a mess. I know this from experience in maintaining 2 deep with the current system. The box is there if you really need it. I am only suggesting that it starts as unchecked for the kids protection. If we are sending messages that need it, then check it and use it. Kids don’t think that way, and how the system is currently configured 2 deep fails. It is a problem we face with a lot of our messages. Kids come first. Adults can adapt and check the box if needed. 2 deep is more important and should come first before adult ease of use.

I just re-read the thread, and another item brought up was the scouts email being protected. The worry is that it might be broadcast out. A just concern. BUT, In the Scoutbook system, I am relying that no adult is being put into the system without BSA doing the background check and approving them as leadership. All parents should be protecting children. If you worry about another parent getting your Scouts email, then you have another issues to deal with. You should then seek councils advice. As an adult, it’s easy. Check the box and protect the emails. If you have a Scout sending a message that box should be unchecked for safety. I would rather messages come from the BSA system since they are approved safe with built in 2 deep. They system copies those who it needs. If someone needed to respond to a message from a Scout, and they sent a reply all, then that would be safe via Scoutbook’s system of 2 deep. Everyone who is supposed to get the message will. Those people would be copied if the BCC was not checked. If the BCC is checked, it all fails. Why do this to the scouts? It should be first priority transparency to who messages are being sent. Then second, privacy of emails if needed. Only adults should be using the BCC feature anyway. It would concern me more that someone is adding emails outside the system to our Scouts as suggested. That actually concerns me more as those addresses, are they approved? Who are they? Have they been background checked? If you start adding email addresses outside the system, now you risk non BSA background checks, safety, etc. I want to keep to the safety built within the system. Protect the Scouts and remove the BCC. I am not saying get rid of the BCC. There is purpose for it’s use in adult emails. But when kids, the Scouts use the system, we need the BCC off. We need the transparency. It means safety.

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