Sent a BCC email to the unit, received a copy for every recipient

I just sent a normal BCC message to my unit parents. I received a copy of the email for every single recipient. The Reply-to field has been fixed, which is nice, except I received an individual copy for every single recipient as well. Each one was:

Reply-to: (my email)
To: (my email), (parent email)

I have reported this to the developers.

The same issue just happened to me.

SAME!! Just filled my inbox with 70 emails from scoutbook!

Same issue! I sent normal email to all our parents. I got 40+ emails back. Confirmed that the recipients only received one.

Note: This was not an issue last night, before the planned maintenance. I sent another email then and only got one back.

I was just coming to add this. 88 emails just received in my in box. :confused: Hadn’t happened ever before today.

Yup. As @jacobfetzer noted above, the developers are now aware of the issue. It clearly worked before, so hopefully it’s a reasonably straightforward fix. Of course, I have no idea what else they changed that might have “broken” something in the background that would make reverting the code to the previous form impractical. Armchair coding is always in danger of finding things “Dilbert easy” (i.e. easy when done by someone other than the poster.) :grinning:

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