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Email not received

I sent two emails earlier tonight. One went to the whole Troop and another went to one scout, his parents, and three leaders.

Neither email was received and its been hours.


I just sent a test e-mail. It was received within a few seconds.

@ErinKaufman - if a majority of recipients are on Gmail, it appears that downdector is showing Amber issues with Gmail. Most likely latency is the case.

I am having the same issue, I am the Scout Master, and it appears I am the only one not receiving emails. Someone sent me a test email and that worked, but emails going to the entire troop are not coming to me. My scout is receiving them, so I know they are going through. I haven’t received emails since Friday on Scoutbook.

We are seeing the same issues, with multiple email carriers: Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Any workaround?

Are you seeing the issue with messages sent from the “send messages” page or event reminders? Or both?

I did a test email to my unit Gmail account and so far it has not been received.

@Stephen_Hornak are you checking gmail online or with a client? if a client can you log on to check it and check trash?

@DonovanMcNeil & @edavignon - I stand corrected on my post. The emails were in fact received and apparently a rule that was created moved them out of the inbox to another folder which I was not looking at. They never hit the inbox only that folder. My fault on that one and perhaps that is happening to others as well. So check routing rules and folders.

I have several parents telling me they didn’t get my email randomly in the past 1-2 weeks. I know hotmail is now sending to junk/spam; a yahoo person insists she didn’t get one but got a different one. I know yahoo has been a pain forever but are there any recommendations on what I can tell my parents to tweak in settings? I would do text messaging for key info but that would imply they bothered to set it up.

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