All unit email not sent

Webelos Leader Member ID 12722822 is the P321 unit chair for the Cuboree this weekend. When she sent a full unit email with all the details for the event a week or so ago it did not go through. We had to create an email report to gain all the emails and send from their personal account.

What other information do you need? Please advise.

thank you

First question: was the message sent via the Scoutbook messaging interface, or as a “reminder” from the calendar?

If the former, does that scouter have at least a View Profile connection to every scout? If not, I don’t think they are able to email everyone. Did it go out to anyone?

If the latter, was it sent as a “Send Now” or as a scheduled reminder? Did no one get a message, or was the message just missing the content (e.g. the event description text)?

@TammieZemler - how was this message sent, and email report ??? What report was used to cull the email addresses ?

Did she receive an error message, or did everything look like it worked initially but no one received it?

Can she try sending a simple message to one person like yourself to help isolate the issue?

It was a message from scoutbook not the calendar and not a reminder. Just a bcc message to all members of the pack. How would I send you a copy or a sample? The message never went thru nor did she receive any error codes. Didn’t realize until a couple days later when nobody responded to her requests.

She can send messages to single people and groups. This one very important message didn’t go thru. I have received any other issue reports.

So, it’s not an issue with her account. Was this message particularly long, or did it contain attachments?

yes it was long and included links. I dont think it had attachments.

Can they try sending the full message to just you?

@TammieZemler - it may be better if the user with the issue joined the conversation. Third party troubleshooting is a challenge

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