September 28, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advance Den
    • An issue that caused membership in all packs for a dual registered Cub Scout to be ended when one of the Scout’s dens advanced has been fixed. Only memberships in the pack with the advancing den are now affected.
  • Council Users CSV File (Council Admins only)
    • An issue that caused the wrong Chartered Organization Name to be displayed in the Council Users csv file has been fixed.
  • Cub Scout Membership
    • An issue that prevented a 2nd pack to a Cub Scout’s membership in Scoutbook has been fixed.
  • Reassign Scout
    • An issue that created a Whoops error when using the Reassign Scout button has been fixed.
  • Send Message
    • An issue that required adults to select 2 other adults when sending an e-mail to a youth has been fixed. Only one adult will be required to send an e-mail to a youth via Scoutbook. Youth will still be required to select 2 adults when sending a message via Scoutbook.

New Features

  • Add New Scout
    • An option to include a middle name when adding a new Scout to Scoutbook via the Add Scout button is now available.
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