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July 25, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement
    • Scoutbook does not support Scouts being in a Pack and Troop simultaneously. If the registrar places a Scout into a Troop without also ending membership in a Pack, Member Update is not ending the Pack membership. A data fix has been applied to any Scouts currently in this situation, ending their Pack membership, so that their Scouts BSA advancement can be properly recorded. Member Update will be fixed soon to automatically end the Pack membership of any Scout added to a Troop.
  • Cub Scout Planned Advancement
    • An issue that prevented some Cub Scout Planned Advancement from loading in the calendar has been corrected. Cub Scout Planned Advancement for all ranks except Lion should now work as expected. Lion Planned Advancement is coming soon.
  • Venturing & Sea Scout NOVA Awards
    • An issue that prevented Venturing & Sea Scout NOVA Awards from being displayed on a Sea Scout’s profile page has been corrected. These awards will now display on the profile page.

New Features

  • Add Leader Search
    • The Add Leader search function has been enhanced to search by name, e-mail address or BSA member ID. The search will now return all matching adults in the database, including those already in the unit. To improve performance, the search will not begin until the Search button is clicked or Enter key is pressed. A Searching pop-up window with spinner will appear during the search.
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