Service Entry issues in the new calendar

I just entered some service from last night using the calendar entry in the new calendar. Here are the bugs I found -

  1. It picks up the calendar entry title for the service, if the calendar entry title is over 35 characters it won’t accept it.
  2. The service hour screen that is part of the calendar entry is missing the service category drop down.
  3. when I switched over to the entry in activity logs, it did not carry over the entered hours for the 6 individuals that performed service that I entered in the service hours portion of the calendar entry.
  4. Instead of only showing 6 people doing service, it has everyone that was invited in the calendar entry
  5. In the Activity Log Report in creates an entry for everyone in the invite for that entry (so folks that were invited but did not go and do service have an entry in the report for the service with “0” hours of service.

thanks this has been reported

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