New Calendar Service Logs

This is my first attempt at using the Service Logs feature in the new calendar. I had an event on Saturday that I just marked attendance for successfully, but when I went and entered the Service Logs entry it gave everybody service time for it instead of just the people who attended the event. Is this expected behavior and I have to duplicate the work (mark attendance and then also remove those who didn’t go to the event) or am I doing something wrong.
I have attached a screenshot of the attendance and a screenshot where the service log entry is showing 18 people as opposed to the 2 it should reflect.

It is a known issue. For now, you need to remove those people who did not attend the event.

It is a know issue that has no great fix - lets say it is a campout with a service project - and a scout just shows up for the service - then for the campout attendance (not even talking logs) the scout would not be there = the developers and SUAC are trying to come up with a best solution

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