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Service Hours for JTE

I have entered service hours in internet advancement activities. It states no service hours have been entered. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

hard to tell with this little to go on… Can you show us some screen shots?

Hello Mr Rick, To enter service hours for our Troop, I start in Scoutbooks. I click on Quick Entry, then I select Activity Log, then it takes me to Internet Advancements, in the pull down menu I select Activities, then I click the plus sign to add an event. I fill it out. After I save it, it says that I have added service hours. When I check the service.scouting.org, it only has the 1 Eagle Scout service project with no service hours. It don’t have any of the other service hours. Is the link between Scoutbook and JTE broken? If it is where do I enter my service hours? On the service.scouting.org page I can’t add any new hours.
Nancy Klotz

service.scouting.org now only records Eagle project hours. All other service hours for JTE are tracked through the logs at advancement.scouting.org (new URL for IA2, formerly at scoutbook.scouting.org).

@NancyKlotz - to follow up with what Charlie has stated the hours entered scoutbook.scouting.org are the unit JTE hours. And indeed the servicehours.scouting.org remains as with a council/district/unit self reporting of eagle service projects. It being a scoutnet realm will most likely face it’s sunset in due time.

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