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I cannot figure out how to get text messaging enabled for myself. I followed the instructions - went to Scoutbook, edit profile (brings me to IA), added my mobile number but I get no option to verify and I saved my number a while ago and still am not able to send or receive text through Scoutbook.

Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 4.16.05 PM

Enter a Number and label it Mobile - add Carrier - then click the checkbox at bottom

I have same situation. I see the box you said to check, because i dont have “verify” option either. I was hoping the text messaging could be used as optional instead of email for event reminders, but that is not working. Why would the published help tell us to check a verify box, and our options are not as described in Scoutbook Knowledge?

I just tested on mine and what I said worked fine - things can change fast and there are limited resources to change help files is the simple answer @LorettaNash

@KayleeV & @LorettaNash - when the text option is set up for a person listed in scoutbook it will show up like this:


the phone image is what to look for

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Thankd for answeriing but i dont have the phone symbol, just the keys and green shield.
What text messages will this set up?

@LorettaNash - that will be in the message section of scoutbook… you can toggle for either email or text


I gather you are very new at scoutbook and Internet Advancement ?

No I wouldnt say i am new. Although with all the issues i can see why it seems that way. I have been teaching myself to use both programs since may of 2022. Since a group of us moved up to an almost empty troop in 2021, our troop had only used SB for minimal checking boxes of MBs and Barely checking boxes for requirements; absolutely no acticities were being tracked for 3 years that i know of. In April ‘23, after i started entering my own scouts info and showed SM all the hard copy and picture proof of events for him to approve, they realized i was the one to recruit so i have been advancement chair with full access since this last April, and spent last 5 months entering 20+ Scouts’ records for 2 1/2 years of activities meetings etc. Now i just need to be able to teach the troop to use the programs for advancements and attendance, etc as they go, instead of trying to play catch up afterwards and manually entering every Scout’s MB classes’ completed requirements from camps, instead of using tentaroo to upload like SB Knowledge shows.
Problems (plural)!! I’ve used this forum and Scoutbook Knowledge, but all the answers I get do not match my screens.
Maybe I dont know what i am doing i just cant find council or district help to look at our troops SB and IA to tell me whats wrong. Our Troop Committee Chair has no clue, he gets same results i do.
I sure would appreciate any and all advise or help, too many hours a day are spent on trying to figure this out myself.
Thanks for your time.

@LorettaNash - let me outline some basic operations for our units in scoutbook and IA.

In Scoutbook (

  1. posting of requirements completed (done by the scout or adv chr) for rank,awards and MB
  2. All unit events for which we want reminders and RSVP. That would be meetings, CoH, camping and service events
  3. Assignment of MBC, assignments or patrols and POR
  4. Advancement Reports as needed to purchase items at the scout shop
  5. Assignments of adult roles like treasurer, activities chr, equipment chr…

In IA ( :

  1. Post service hours for unit or individuals
  2. Post hiking miles for the same
  3. Post camping nights for the same

If you are a unit admin or key 3 or key delegate the view is all the same. The admin view will be everything available. The parent/scout view will be limited to their advancement, service hours, hiking, and camping

In the knowledge base you want to search for exactly what you are trying to do which will narrow the focus.

Thank you, for the details. Even if you are telling me things I already know, at this point it helps to narrow down what i cannot do. In keeping with what you layed out above, there is one key point you mentioned that i have not had the option to do. In your #2 above,

I only have the following event types when creating a SB calendar event:

Troop Meeting
Court of Honor
Patrol Leaders Conference
Committee Meeting
WEBELOS to Scout Transitions

Thank you

That’s the same list as everyone else at the troop level. Service projects get flagged (if desired) in the event entry interface after the date/time setting.

Note that the Scoutbook calendar is not tied to the activity logs in IA2, so separate entry there is needed if you use the logs.

@LorettaNash - to be honest i could not tell from your posts what you understand about scoutbook and IA. You lay out a jumbled mess that i can not even follow. If you already knew what i posted then what really is your issue

Thanks for your response but that is what I did some time ago and it doesn’t reflect in Scoutbook. I thought maybe it took a bit to update or I did something wrong but my husbands worked fine.

Thanks. I understand that. I just cannot figure out why mine doesn’t…

@KayleeV - what if you change the mobile sms to mobile and scroll diwn and click save changes

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THAT DID IT. YOU ARE MY HERO TODAY!! Thank you so much!!!

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