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Setting up a New Pack

I am in the process of setting up my Pack on Scoutbook. When I try to add the Den leader to some of my dens I get the Error message the Position #1 Already exists. What does this mean? How do I fix it? It does not happen on all, just some.

At what point do you get the error? If you wait a few seconds, does it go away and create the position anyway?

It is a yellow error message at the end after I have clicked submit. No, it does not go away

it is an odd bug for sub-units - it seems that about half the time the position does take though - it has been reported

I am seeing this error message as well in attempting to move an Assistant Scoutmaster from one assigned patrol to another. I am looking forward to this being fixed.

I am having this same error across multiple dens. This is a critical bug and is preventing me from setting up our pack.

Still waiting for this to be fixed… I have worked very hard to convince the pack to switch over from Scout trax but if this bug does not get fixed ASAP we will not get to use Scoutbook this year. Please please help!!

Thank you,

Do you get the error message when clicking add leader from both the den/patrol page and the troop/pack page?

In the case of an existing leader, try clicking their name on your roster, go to their positions, and add position from there.

On the roster the position is listed. I’m setting up my dens and am trying to add them as the leader for that den

@jacobfetzer solution works - just tried that - the leader might already show Den Leader position from Member Update - but it is not assigned to a den so it does not help

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