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Getting Position #1 Already Exists Error when adding Den Leaders

For multiple dens, when I try and add the Den Leader by first accessing the den and the clicking the Add Leader button, I am getting Position #1 Already Exists error message when submitting for the leader. This is completely blocking me from setting up the pack and getting the den leaders invited. Others have reported this problem too in another thread in the general support forum.

I’m now seeing the same thing. I’m trying to add my leaders but not getting any luck!

this is a known issue - the work around is to go to the roster > select adult there if they are already listed > then you can click ADD POSITION at bottom right

I submitted a request to their support email and got the following response. This solved the problem.

You will need to add the leader by clicking on the Pack > Pack roster > Select the Den Leader’s name > Select any current Den Leader roles > Set an End Date > Update.

You can then add them to the Den from within the den add leader button.

SUAC has asked for this fix to be prioritized

After getting this resolved, this was my other feedback on the inconsistencies with setting up leaders and dens:

  • There is already a Den Leader position synced from the BSA - but this position is not editable and assignable to a den. That is the one I had to end. It is very redundant to reassign all over again
  • If I add the Den Leader position manually at the user record, it does not have the same problem - BUT it also does not set up the connections properly. It should not work differently than assigning from within the den
  • If I assign within the den, there is no option to pick from my roster (that already synced). Therefore I have to search the entire BSA database for the leaders - more complicated and more error prone.

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