Cannot add/change leadership positions

Tried changing a leadership position from assistant den leader to den leader, and after ending the asst position, the option to add leadership role has now disappeared. Option was there right before I ended the asst position.
Is this related to the ongoing issues?

@Matthew_Martini What is MID/BSA# of the user (no names)

It is multiple users that are having this issue. Once I end anyone’s existing position, the option to add a role dissappears.
This particular one is 14448374 (was assistant, should now be leader)
was trying to swap them with 14535225 (was leader, should now be asst.)

I would need to setup a screenshare to see it or make myself an admin in your unit @Matthew_Martini

How would we go about setting that up? I have no issue with either option.

the admin is easier - let me take a quick look - if that does not give answer we can try the other

This might be part of a know bug - just manifesting in a different way - I setup a position sync for that user and will watch it - I also sent it in for more research

Thank you. Could be related to the “Not on official unit roster” tag next to every member of the pack??
Worried about changing anything. Trying to prep for Blue & Gold Banquet this weekend and get everything organized. Will go the old paper and pencil route for now I guess.
Thank you very much for looking into this!

Have you tried adding the new role first, before ending the other role?

That was the first way I tried it, but as it is a swap, it would not allow me to add a den leader with one already in place. That is when I decided to end the current Den Leader, and try to start the new one to no avail. Not sure if that is the normal behavior or if it is stemming from the current bug we are dealing with.

Well now that member is completely gone from scoutbook leaders list in the roster. The only way to see any information about them is through their scout in the pack as the parent/guardian. They have disappeared from the leaders list. Member ID 14448374

One possible workaround would be to add a den admin role to them before ending their current position.

@Matthew_Martini When you end all of an adult leader’s positions / roles in Scoutbook, then they will fall off of the adult leader roster.

I have requested a position sync for this adult leader. She should be back on your roster within 24 hours.

Whatever was done on the backend seems to have worked. Everything appears to be functioning as it should again.
Thank you everyone who helped out.

There are no limitations on how many den leaders you can have per den.

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