"Show Header On Each PDF Page" is broken

  1. Arbitrary page breaks are insterted throughout.
  2. Header is not always included.
  3. Header excludes scout image. (Might not technically be considered a bug, but I think it should be part of the header.)

Hi Joe,

It’s possible that #1 and #2 are the same thing. The PDF software that generates the report doesn’t support automated headers, so it’s done by best estimation before the report is generated and a balance of parameters that worked the best in testing, being aware that only a hopefully small percentage of cases will overflow a page. If one page overflows into the next, the next page appears to not have a header, but it’s just a continuation of the previous page.

The above is still an open development discussion. Posts like your will indicate how often this occurs. Thanks.

For the Scout images, please check to see whether you selected the Report Builder Designer option to “Show Scout Image.” Please let us know whether it works after you do that.

It looks like the title on the first page is not being included in the estimate for page breaks, as the first page always has overflow of about that amount.

I have some reports where page breaks are being inserted about half way down the page. It is not off by just a small amount.

The scout images are showing up on the first page, but not in subsequent header blocks.


Thanks for the Scout image info. That’s helpful.

Can you make your PDF temporarily downloadable somewhere that I could get it to the Developers?


@JoeMcKinley I sent you a Direct Message were you can share the pdf - and I can hand it off to that team


Could you try the report again please? Awards were causing pagination issues.

Regarding Scout images in the PDF, the image is not part of the fixed header, but one of the line items, so the image only appears once per Scout as the first line item. It works the same in the browser.


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