Issue in reports when printing

This may be a bug, or a new feature request:
When printing reports, with “add headers on every page” (also without that enabled), the row size is not consistent from page to page, thus the sheets can not be lined up to see the data over multiple pages.
Additionally, the row headers (which I turned on the repeat per page to hopefully address this) did not cause the row headers to print out on each page.

In case a use case is helpful: creating a troop progress report on ranks through first class with the requirements across the top and the youth down the side.


At the bottom of the report page is a code that starts with ref: PD-. Can you line here? It helps the developers locate your report in the logs.


Just to confirm, this is with PDF printing, correct?

ref: PD-20230725213738-461311-748410

This is on the results when clicking either PDF button.

For details, I’m running a custom report for all scouts over the first four ranks, showing all completed and not completed. I do have the bsa id showing, and I have the scouts listed by first then last.

I pivot the results to get the scouts on a row each, and then click the pdf button to get these results.

Thanks. I passed this on.

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