Showing 2 parents, one incorect

I have tried to remove an incorrect parent several times. I am the troop SB admin/ key 3.
I have also contacted my local council who suggested i use SBHelp.
FORE SEVERAL DAYS/ATTEMPTS, each is telling me to use the other as help to resove.
ON SB, I get an Error message “webmaster has been notified, will fix ASAP” but no results.
Emails to SB Help are auto reply, to see my council.
2 parents for the youth showing similar names with different ID #s:
One is misspelled with incorrect email address and we want that ID removed. 137111669. IT HAS NO CONNECTION, please remove this ID# ----------------the correct parent name spelling&email address is showing on ID# 13671478- leave this one alone, it has connections to the scout it is fine, do not remove this one! ------------------------------

@monicaezzell I sent you a private message.

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