Signup Sheet in Scoutbook

Can I setup a “signup sheet” for campouts, events, etc in Scoutbook?

You can add an RSVP to events in the calendar, but there isn’t a SignupGenius kind of functionality built into Scoutbook.

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I use the RSVP feature in Scoutbook when yes/no answer is all I need. For anything more complex, I make a form in Google Forms and have everyone fill that out and then I toggle the Scoutbook RSVPs to reflect who is attending my event.

When in Scoutbook, if you go to the calendar and click on the event (not editing it, just selecting it so you can see the info/who has rsvp’d), if you copy the URL of the event you can email that to everyone. When they click the link it will take them right to the event in the calendar and they can then RSVP quite easily.

Also, if you have reminders set on the Scoutbook calendar, everyone who was invited will get a reminder message that also includes a link to the event so they can RSVP.

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we do the same thing in our troop


What is the best source to use for this type of thing beyond Scoutbook that I can get signup info, food buy, patrols, etc.

Like the other commenters, we tend to use Google sheets just because it’s relatively easy to give the scouts/scouters/parents access for the relevant parts:

sign-up sheet: scouts/parents/scouters edit
coordination/planning sheets: event lead scouts/scouters edit, all others view

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We use SignUpGenius for our Troop

Do you pay for signup genius?

We just have patrols manage that at their campout planning meeting. I do see other times, it would be nice, especially on the pack level.

You can use Google Forms, Google Sheets, SignUp Genius, Jot Form… all are free and you would need to decide which works best for you.

Google Forms is pretty easy to customize, but it’s also fairly basic although you can do some interesting things if you know how to write scripts.

Google Sheets is Google’s version of Excel. You can make a simple spreadsheet sign up page and have people fill in the information that you need.

Sign Up Genius is pretty easy to use and is good for setting a quantity of something you want people to bring. Like, if you need 10 packages of hot dogs, people can sign up for whatever amount they want until you hit 10 packages.

Jot Form is easy to use but it’s a little more complex because you can make super customized forms. If SignUp Genius and Google Forms don’t do quite what you want, you can make a form that does exactly what you want.

The patrols do plan their parts, but this more for collecting fees and transportation scheduling. Right we have hard copy signup sheets for the scouts and adults to check off if they plan to go. Problem with that is scouts that need transportation, sometimes don’t think of that until the day that they leave. Also found with Covid that virtual methods can be a good thing.

Done the google forms and not a fan. I have looked into signup genius and saw free version, but also saw pay versions. I use TeamSnap for sports teams that I coach and the free version does not do things that I need, so didn’t know if it was the same way. I have never used Jotbot. Not afraid to get complicated, if it solves an issue.

No, we get by just fine with the free tier.

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Thanks for explaining. Transportation and food for non-campouts seems like a good application of something like signup genius.

Our “work process” is to have all adults RSVP directly in Scoutbook. The fees are mostly post activity as we have enough funds to “front” the cost. We have the Scribe take attendance in Scoutbook the day of. The treasurer then uses that attendance to charge the scout (and if appropriate adult) accounts. Families can the pay down their account to with fund raising, cash, check, or credit card via square. The advancement coordinator then also uses the attendance to record miles hiked or nights camped.

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Thanks for all the advice.

Tried several ways but we like the RSVP in Scoutbook since the report gives you a roster with all the contact info in one click of the button.

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