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SignupGenius-type Functionality w/ Events

Would it be possible to add a simple Signup Genius type functionality that would allow the event coordinator to add items that need to be signed up for? It could be used for everything from items that need to be brought (food for event) or times that need to be signed up for (fundraising events).

That would allow us to use Scoutbook for RSVPs without needing another program for signup items. The functionality is pretty basic. Their interface isn’t even that great:


I second the request

SignUpGenius does what it does extremely well. It’s pretty easy to use, both to create events and to sign up for events. In the grand scheme of things, I’d prefer the BSA IT team working on BSA IT stuff (Scoutbook,, etc.) instead of trying to duplicate the functionality of other services.

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This is sorely needed

…and ranks and training CAN be tracked in Google Docs.

The whole idea of Scouting having a single system, with SSO, is so that everyone is on the same page, using the same tools. That standardization helps with onboarding, training, and ongoing communications.

The point being that it’s a basic function that everyone needs regularly. Nearly every event.

Signup Genius also has RSVP, but so does Scoutbook. So do you put an event in SB or SG or both? Do people need to RSVP in both, or just one? What if they’re bringing something, then both? If not, is one OK? Then add Facebook. Now multiply that times the number of parents in the unit and that’s a general idea of the ongoing confusion.

And it’s not just with the parents, it’s also with the leaders who have to manage these systems. One year may be fine, but next year not so much. Next thing you know steps are getting missed and details fall through the cracks.

If SB added this functionality, it strengthens the use case for RSVP and signups in a single place. It’s the whole idea of having a system built for specific ongoing tactical needs.

There are several things that I would like to see added to the sign up feature for events.

  1. I would like to have functionality where someone could sign up for an event with a comment

  2. I request that we have a field for siblings (on a number of our events, we invite siblings)

  3. I would like to know if an adult is a driver for the event, and if so what kind of vehicle and how many seatbelts

  4. I would like adults to be able to specify that they are driving, but not staying

  5. I would like a simple output of sign ups by patrol

I am going to repeat these requests in a new post



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