Skating MB not listed

Hi! I was going to link a scout with the skating merit badge counselor, however, the skating merit badge is NOT listed in the merit badges. This needs to be updated in Scoutbook. Look under, scout connections where you link a counselor with a merit badge.

Nickt Wilson
Advancement Chair - Troop 83
Madison, AL

It’s there when I looked just now:

Is it possible that the scout has already “started” the badge, and it’s in their list of badges, so not visible to “add” when you click “Start Another Merit Badge”?

Or are you saying that the counselor doesn’t list “Skating” as one of the badges that’s approved for them to counsel? That would be an issue with how their record is set up with council, and likely would need correcting on the council end.

A screenshot might help diagnose the issue more easily.

@PamelaWilson - I went to my son’s record > advancement > start a merit badge > and in his list skating is there.

I’m referring to when you go into connections to invite a merit badge counselor to connect to a scout to mark off a merit badge. I am including screen shots of the page.

OH I see what you are saying - heck there are alot missing - this is reported

Isn’t that list only supposed to reflect what that particular counselor is able to approve, though?

I was actually thinking “gosh they counsel a ton of badges,”

@CharleyHamilton kind of trying to figure it out - but you can turn on the list from the start - Cit Nation, and Eprep are missing and alot more

Yeah, I was looking at the permissions settings above, which suggested the assign counselor interface was looking at what the counselor is approved for.

@PamelaWilson a few questions

  1. Had you already put in a name to find?
  2. Has Skating been started for the Scout?

I know this adult has signed up to be a skating counselor. The counselor is not connected to Scoutbook (I have searched by name)…so there is an option to invite them when you select the badge. As mentioned, the skating badge isn’t there. There are 137 Merit badges and 134 are listed. I’m not sure the other two missing besides skating. I will just have the counselor fill out a blue card…just wanted admin to be aware not all merit badges are listed. This has nothing to do if the scout has already started the badge. This scout has earned 131 of the badges and I can still see 134 listed ones.

@PamelaWilson - well you state they are not connected to scoutbook then why the heavy lifting there?

So the counselor can meet on zoom and mark requirements off…also, I thought this might be an omission in Scoutbook that might need to be fixed for ALL scouts.

It looks like a counselor-related issue, not a Scoutbook-specific issue, per se. All MBCs who are registered with their councils should either be getting uploaded to Scoutbook by their council either automatically from a ScoutNet (I think) sync, or “manually” through an upload file. We’ve had the latter process go sideways a couple of times in our council where (apparently) only a partial file was uploaded and MBCs who were currently registered just never made it into Scoutbook.

In theory, the MBCs should be able to log into Scoutbook with their username and password from to get to their accounts. There might be an error in their account that’s preventing you from finding them, but they should already be there if registered.

ETA: From experience, knowing that they’ve submitted paperwork and knowing that they’re currently registered are totally different things. I have had counselors who were registered for years (e.g. starting before I was a leader) disappear due to issues with the upload files.

@PamelaWilson - if you go to the home in scoutbook then click on references then scouts BSA you should see the entry called merit badges. What is listed there is what is in scoutbook.

If you provide the MBCs bsa member number, we can check if they are listed as a skating MBC.

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