Some Scouts Not Appearing in Internet Advancement Activity Reports

When running Activity Reports in IA, some Scouts are totally absent from the report even though I can go into individual Activities (e.g. Summer Camp 2023) and see their name, days & nights. I don’t see any thing obvious with their membership records. Same thing occurs whether “Current Members Only” is checked or unchecked.

I would check the following:

  • Do you have sufficient connection permissions to the “missing” scouts to run that report?
  • Do the “missing” scouts have a Date Joined Scouts BSA in their profile? The fastest way I’ve found to check that is to run the OA Eligibility report, since it flags any missing “Date Joined”.
  • Are those scouts currently showing up in your official roster at my.scouting?

There have been a number of reports of similar behavior, but I don’t recall seeing any indication as to whether or not the bug had been identified yet.


I am showing as “Connected” with “Full Control” for the two Scouts that are missing from the report I’m trying to run at the moment.

They both are indeed missing “Date Joined Scouts BSA” in their profile. But, I spot checked two other Scouts that did appear in the report and one has the date while the other does not.

They both show up in Troop Rosters in Scoutbook and IA. And they show up when I run report in Scoutbook on their merit badge status. I do not see a roster in my.scouting.

Perhaps another issue?

Sounds like it.

It looks like the major related thread on this topic is here: Activity Log Missing Scouts

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue in my unit, so I’m not able to do much digging from the user side. Hopefully one of the SUAC volunteers or someone on the developer side has been able to find whatever is causing the issues.

The roster at my.scouting is only visible to Unit Key 3, Key 3 delegates, and possibly a few others with certain functional roles assigned in the position manager at my.scouting.

Thanks. I am Key 3 delegate. Perhaps just not looking in the right place. I will look at the major thread you provided.

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As a K3D, you should be able to find the official roster by going to

my.scouting → left side pull-down menu → “Organization” pull-down menu at the bottom → Select unit #

Then, “Roster” should be one of the options that populates in the left side pull-down menu.

Thanks. Found it. Both “missing” Scouts are on that roster as well.

To shortcut time to solution, for SUAC volunteers:

“Missing Scouts:” 135127346 and 134895461

Scouts the are appearing that were “spot checked:”

  • No Joined Date in profile: 132037469
  • Joined Date IS in profile: 14159777

I have run the “OA Eligibility Report” to identify all of our Scouts w/o Joined Date and will input.

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I found and entered Joined Date for the two identified as missing. They do now appear in the Activity Log reports. Please take no action while I double check on the “spot checked” to make sure I made no error. Through the OA Eligibility report, I’ve identified a large number of our Scouts who have no Joined Date. Will take a bit of time but should be able to fix this and know to look for it in the future. Thanks to Charley for pointing the way!

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