Scout missing from roster

I have never logged into IA (because I thought I am not supposed to since I use Scoutbook), until today when I went to look at the new activity logs.

The IA roster is missing my newest Scout. She has been in Scoutbook for over a month. How can they not be in sync? I am not sure how much I want to look at IA, since I have been happy with Scoutbook. This makes me want to avoid it completely until we are told to switch over, but I have a Scout whose activities cannot be logged, because she doesn’t exist there…


Do you have access to the Member Manager at Look there first to see if the Scout is listed there. If she is not listed there, then you need to work with your council.

@AngelaKoch - is the scout listed on the roster at ? If in looking at the scout in scoutbook, does she have the sync symbol ? The other thing is how many pages of scouts are showing in IA ? The view is 10 scouts per page view.

She is not on the roster in my.scouting.

That confuses me, I didn’t think I manually entered her into Scoutbook and she has the sync symbol.


Was she a Cub Scout that transferred to your unit?

When you click on her membership entry for your troop do is there a comment in the notes field?

No, she wasn’t. My cub scout transferred fine. (and in answer to the other question, i looked at both pages. I have 18 scouts in IA and 19 in Scoutbook)

It sounds like someone transferred her within Scoutbook from the pack to the troop. But the youth application transfer paperwork needs to be followed up on with your council.

She is 14, she did not transfer from the pack, and she has a BSA ID number, so I don’t think I put her into Scoutbook. I turned her application in to the Council on 3/2/20 and she showed up in Scoutbook a couple of weeks later.

Sorry, I think I misread something from one of the earlier posts.

Because she does not appear on your Member Manager roster, please contact your council to see if they can help track down why she got dropped from your official roster.

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