Activity Report shows "some" random scouts who have bridged out to troops, adult leaders, changed packs years ago (not recently)

Our activity report is showing activity entries for scouts who had bridged to troops, adult leaders who were once in our pack and now at troops, and scouts who changed packs. The scouts/leaders are not ALL but only a few random names that remain in my activity report. (They are from years and years ago not recently removed from our roster.) They appear no where else in the system (ie: not on the roster for Scoutbook or IA, not on connections manager) only in the activities report. More clarification - I have never been “connected” to these scouts or leaders. They left our pack before I became a registered leader.

I don’t think this helps the inquiry, but I have noticed once a youth is added to the IA roster that the activity shows all their activity and pending items, whether or not those were under the new unit. (Multiple in particular, it will show Scouts BSA pending items and history on a Venturing roster and history. And when a Scouts BSA scout is multipled in two Scouts BSA troops, that items for one troop will appear on both. (And the crew).

I.e. it gives the scout’s IA history even if the unit type is different. This could be useful when searching by member number to confirm prior advancement. So this may be by design. Even if it clutters some histories.

Keep in mind that there are some awards (e.g. National Outdoor Awards) that include not only activities in a specific unit or program, but all activities of that type by that individual in all BSA programs (e.g. all camping under auspices of BSA for NOA for Camping).

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The Activity Report is designed to show members who were members during the time period for the report that you specify. So, if a pack leader ran a report for calendar year 2022, the report would include Scouts who have crossed over to troops. This is by design.

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The random scouts and leaders left our pack 4 maybe 5 years ago. I ran the report last year and they weren’t on it then.

But which start / end dates are you using for the report?

I entered dates as July 1, 2022 - today to run the report.

If they weren’t members of the unit during that time period (7/1/2022 - 4/19/2023), then that sounds like a bug.

If you could post the BSA member of numbers of the people who are showing up on the report (but shouldn’t be), we could take a look.

Correct. They were not members of our unit during the given time frame parameters I entered for the report. Can I send you the member ID numbers or names of scouts/leaders that I’m still seeing. Via a private message or somewhere other than this forum?

What I would suggest is posting the URL of report and BSA # of the Scouts - if you do not know the BSA # we can start a private message to figure them out

Let me know if that link works. I entered it as June 1, 2022 - today (April 19, 2023). I don’t know the BSA numbers of the scouts or leaders that went to troops and are now active there. I, however, can point out the names that should not be on the report.

@RichelleVillanueva I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

SUAC Members,
Whether it is a bug or a change in the feature, Activity Reports from SB/IA2 are including scouts who were in our troop but are not on the current roster. Up until recently, the Activity Report would include all activities for only Scouts on the current roster – it did not include Scouts who dropped out (i.e. didn’t recharter).
If the reporting function has been changed to include history for all Scouts current and previous who were ever in a unit, then the report feature needs to also include a filter option that only reports for current scouts.
FYSA, I’ve been Advancements Chair for 4 years and have multiple activity reports saved as PDF/CSV which did not include former Scouts.