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Special Awards in Scoutbook?

I don’t see how the Advancement Chair can add a special award into Scoutbook to give credit to scouts for earning it. For example, one of our bi-annual outings is a bike trip along the C&O Canal. There is a special series of council own patches that a scout can earn if they complete all the segments. Another example is the Paul Bunyan patch from SBR or any of the High Adventure special patches. How can I enter these awards into Scoutbook so it becomes a record for the scout?

Scoutbook is a national registry not a council - only national (and not all yet) are recorded in scoutbook.

Thank you. Was hoping there was a mechanism similar to the one in TroopMaster to record this information for a scout. :frowning:

Well as this is official data that is recorded at this time it is not possible.

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