SSO for new forums not working on iOS

When I click on forums within Scoutbook (using Scoutbook as a bookmark on the home screen using iOS 12.3) a new Safari webpage is opened, however, I am not automatically signed in and must login to my.scouting again to see new forums. Is this a bug with SSO?

So you have Scoutbook saved as a Webapp? So it looks like an App? If that is the case then it is functioning as Apple designed it and there is nothing that can be done - Apple isolates log in data when you run a webpage as a webapp. It is better to save as bookmark within the browser environment.

Yes, I have it saved as a webapp from the home screen for easier access since there isn’t a dedicated, stand alone Scoutbook app (that would be soooooooo mmmmmmuuuuuuccccccchhhhh better - for numerous reasons that have been previously expounded upon in other forums, mainly for offline access where cell service is an issue for those of us in rural areas).

Ok, so not a bug and can at least clarify for others when asked (as I have seen a similar question about this on the forums repeated to the forums link, My.Scouting link, and training link and probably all stem from use of webapp vs directly from Safari).

It’s not on iOS only. It’s been reported to happen on Windows machines as well…

I started this thread, and several others have reported the same as well.