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Start New Merit Badge

When a scout tryies to start a new MB it redirects to the main page. Also, how do they see the counselor list before the start of the MB? Northern Star says a list is downloaded as of 8/1/2020, but there is no link on the page afterward when you click on the page.

I see the bug on Start and will report it

A Scout would NEVER see the MBC list - that is a job for the Unit Leader

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The Scout needs to be talking to their Scoutmaster to get a list of recommended MBCs. That’s part of the process.

Only a leader can see the merit counselor listing.

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Correct, but there is an actual clickable link that also states “updated counselors list” on their page and the parent was looking for where it was because it is listed

would need to see a screenshot of it

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would need to see a screenshot of it

That’s a link to your local Council. It’s been there forever. A recent update added the most recent date the MBC list was updated, but you’ve NEVER been able to see a list of merit badge counselors unless you were a unit leader.

The date it was last updated is intended for informational purposes, since that is often critical information when there are issues with an MBC.

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That’s what I thought, but I didn’t bother checking the Scoutbook updates page. I like the improvement.

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